Two supporting reasons are missing from the proof. Complete the proof by dragging and dropping the appropriate reasons into each of the empty boxes.Given: m∥n m∠3=120°Prove: m∠8=60° Statements         Reasons​ m∥nm∠3=120° ​ Given∠5≅∠3 __________m∠5=m∠3 Angle Congruence Postulatem∠5=120° Substitution Property of Equalitym∠8+m∠5=180° Linear Pair Postulatem∠8+120°=180° ___________​ m∠8=60° ​ Subtraction Property of Equality Answer choices: 1. Angle Addition Postulate2. Alternate Interior Angles Theorem3. Substitution Property of Equality4. Alternate Exterior Angles Theorem

Accepted Solution

The answer is alternate interior angles theorem and substitution property of equality.